Dr Ali J. Ghandour

Dr Ali J. Ghandour

Associate Researcher

National Center for Remote Sensing - CNRS

I am an associate researcher at the Lebanese National Center for Remote Sensing - National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS), where I have established the GEOspatial Artificial Intelligence (GEOAI) group. I earned a Ph.D. in Computer Communication in 2013 and was with Toyota Motor North America, InfoTech Labs at Mountain View, USA, before joining CNRS in 2015, where I also acted as the coordinator of the Lebanese National Innovation Transfer Network.

I have over 40 publications with unique research focus on AI-assisted mapping spanning various applications, urban analytics, transportation, waterbodies monitoring and crop-yield estimation. I develop tools integrating deep learning techniques to automate the process of urban features extraction and collect crowd-sourcing data from various sources. Evidence gained from my models and data analysis allows for a robust humanitarian response and provides policymakers and key stakeholders with insights to design tailored regulations and safety countermeasures for urban social good. In the past, I made research contributions to Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), vehicular cognitive networks and IEEE P1609 standard Working Group.

  • Remote Sensing
  • Earth Observation
  • Smart City
  • Transportation
  • Geospatial Deep Learning