Traffic accidents in Lebanon are constantly harvesting lives, dramatically changing others, and traumatizing those of their beloved ones. Due to the lack of statutory authority in charge of collecting and reporting accident related data, the Lebanese Road Crashes Platform (LRCP) is proposed in this work as a real-time online platform to collect crash events from social media. LRCP allows for autonomous data collection, classification and visualization without human intervention, and aims to help the authorities in laying down the appropriate measures for traffic accidents prevention. The following research manuscripts are the output of this platform. A public dashboard will be released by the end of the Year 2022.

  1. Allometric scaling of road accidents using social media crowd-sourced data
  2. Analyzing Factors Associated with Fatal Road Crashes: A Machine Learning Approach
  3. Transportation hazard spatial analysis using crowd-sourced social network data
  4. Time-clustering behavior and cycles in the time dynamics of car accident sequences in Lebanon
  5. Speed Trap Optimal Patrolling: STOP Playing Stackelberg Security Games
Dr Ali J. Ghandour
Dr Ali J. Ghandour
Associate Researcher

My research interests include earth observation, smart city transportation, urban features detection from high resolution aerial imagery and geospatial deep learning.