National Technology Transfer Network

This project aims to enhance national innovation system capacity through updating related legislations, policies; and the establishment of National Technology Transfer Network linked to universities and research centers facilitating the partnership among the research community, economic development sector, industry, and relevant governmental actors.

Specifically, this project focused on:

  • STI related national legislations, policies and operational Technology Development and Transfer systems.
  • Facilitate linkages among the universities and research institutions with the economic development sector, industry, and relevant governmental actors.
  • Promote institutional interface for science with policy planning and assessment.
  • Reinforce national network of technology transfer experts and institutions for conceivable sustained exchange and cooperation platform.

The project spans from 2015 to 2018 with support from UN ESCWA and comprised several workshops at the national level at the Grand Serail and the Lebanese Parliment. All studies and recommendations can be accessed via this final book report.

Dr Ali J. Ghandour
Dr Ali J. Ghandour
Associate Researcher

My research interests include earth observation, smart city transportation, urban features detection from high resolution aerial imagery and geospatial deep learning.